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Health Benefits of Vegan Dog Treats

Let’s chew on this, dog parents! Have your human and canine friends convinced you that frozen vegan dog treats are better than meaty morsels and kibble? If so, it’s time to check out the health benefits of frozen vegan dog treats and similar doggie snacks.

Vegan Dog Treats that Have All the Right Ingredients

We’re talking about vegan dog treats, the kind that make a dog’s tail spin without any of the moo, cluck, or oink included in their ingredients or recipe listings. No refined flour or dough but plant-based goodness

“But hold the leash,” you might bark out, “Can a dog really thrive on a plant-only or fruit-based treat?” You bet they can! The benefits of these green and fruit-based goodies are sprouting up faster than dandelions in the last part of spring. or a pumpkin patch in the fall.

It’s easy to dig up the details on the health benefits of vegan dog treats, especially when many pups love wolfing down these tasty and, better yet, non-cat delicacies all over Los Angeles.

Gabby’s Cups4Pups

For instance, take a look at Gabby’s Cups4Pups. Not only do these frozen and easy vegan dog treats make organic vegan dog owners and their pets smile, the ingredient vegan dog treats include yummy goodness such as coconut cream and yummy vegan peanut butter – well worth the vegetarian tag they’re given.

While you can make homemade dog treats, such as banana dog biscuits, with enriched flour or birthday cake biscuits, you’ll want to keep the name, Gabby’s in mind when it comes to frozen vegetarian dog treats that don’t require a food processor.

Choose from Coconut, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Blueberry Flavors From Among Gabby’s Frozen Cups

Each cup of frozen goodness features four healthy and delicious flavors in organic vegan dog treats. Flavors include:

  • Coconut: Known to soothe arthritis and joint pain in geriatric dogs while improving a dog’s skin and immune systems. Coconut is filled with bunches of antioxidants.
  • Peanut Butter: These frozen cups feature peanut butter nut butter goodness as well nutrients that improve a dog’s heart health and cholesterol. That’s because the organic peanut butter variety lowers that bad LDL cholesterol. The cups are also full of protein.
  • Strawberry: These tangy frozen cups are superb when you also have a supply of coconut cups – both of which imitate strawberry coconut cream goodness. The strawberry flavored cups are noted for their high level of vitamin C as well as vitamins B1, B6, and K. The makers also include magnesium and iodine for good measure. Give these cups to your dogs who have delicate digestion and should steer away from wheat gluten or refined dough.
  • Blueberry: These dog treats, featured by Gabby’s, are ideal for bone health and also keep your pup sharp mentally – learning new tricks in their later years.

While you can find pumpkin dog treats, banana dog treats or banana vegan dog morsels featured online, it’s difficult to find frozen dog treats that you can give your dog on a hot, sunny day. Forget those unicorn shake biscuits and the peanut butter oat dog trail mix. Gabby’s has you covered for LA dog treats.

First Bite: Nutrition Without the Moo

A vegan treat dispensary, packed with veggies and fruits in a frozen cup is as easy to eat as a slobbery canine kiss is to give. These bites are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep the fur shiny, the eyes sparkly, and a doggy’s immune system howling with happiness.

Your pup won’t miss the bones when they can gobble down frozen vegan treats. They’re gluten-free and are filled with organic fruits, veggies, coconut milk and cream and guar gum – a stabilizer and thickening agent.

The ‘Berry’ Best for Sensitive Tummies – Better than Pumpkin

Let’s not skirt around the fire hydrant: some pups have tummies more sensitive than a cat’s ego. Enter vegan dog treats.

They’re like a gentle belly rub from the inside, without the ingredients that often lead to stomach upset. While pumpkin is healthy, too much of the fruit can cause indigestion.

Plus, those frozen fruit cups can soothe the savage beast within, providing hydration and relief, especially on hot, drool-worthy days.

Fit as a Puppy Throughout a Dog’s Life

If your scale starts to groan when your dog steps on it, it might be time to trade in a few meat treats for some vegan cousins.

Lower in fat and calories, vegan treats offer a secret recipe for keeping dogs frolicking – even when they’re older. They can chase a ball or Frisbee without pausing to pant every few seconds.

The Chew on Cholesterol

Cholesterol is bad for the blood flow- both for humans and canines. Vegan treats have heart-boosting nutrients that will keep a dog’s heart beating with puppy-like enthusiasm.

Allergy-Friendly: The Sniffle-Free Snack – No Wheat Flour or Dough

Sometimes, a dog encounters a treat that makes them itch and scratch as if they were trying to dig to China.

Vegan dog treats often skip the usual suspects when it comes to allergies, such as beef, chicken, or wheat flour. In fact flour made of wheat (including wheat gluten) can cause itching, tummy upset, and even ear infections.

With frozen vegan treats, your dog is more likely to enjoy a snore-filled, itch-free nap. While oat flour is good for a dog’s digestion, you don’t need to find treats with this specific ingredient.

Eco-Pawprint: Trot Lightly on Mother Earth

Vegan treats don’t just do wonders for a dog’s internal wiring; they’re also kinder to Mother Earth. By choosing plant-based dog foods, a dog’s carbon paw print is reduced.

Make sure your dog is the “greenest” puppy at the park – metaphorically speaking. They can still roll in the mud to their heart’s content.

More Bark for Your Buck

Vegan dog treats are often more affordable than premium meaty chews. Every treat doesn’t have to be a steak dinner; sometimes, a simple frozen veggie and fruit cup does the trick, satisfying a dog’s appetite while saving a dog parent money.

DIY Doggie Delights

Crafty humans can whip up homemade vegan dog treats anytime. For example, some dog parents create frozen peanut butter and banana slices. However, when you go the DIY route, you should speak to your vet first. For instance, you can’t give your dog grapes, raisins, avocados, and tomatoes.

Also, while you can give your dog a sweet potato treat, you still have to be careful what you add, such as butter, sugar, and salt.

Some human foods, although healthy for humans, can make your dog sick. If you buy frozen vegan dog treats, all the ingredients have been added, so you don’t have to worry if you’re giving your dog the right treat.

In Conclusion

Vegan dog treats come with a kennel’s worth of benefits that’ll keep your dog happy and energetic. Remember, variety is the spice of life, even for dogs. Check out Gabby’s Frozen Cups4-Pups – Bone-appétit!

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